Solidarity is a basic principle of the Cuban Revolution.

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International bodies and organizations have highlighted that Cuba is a model for many nations, because in addition to offering its international collaboration, it has also trained more than 29 thousand doctors from a hundred territories.

And it is that “Cuba is not only committed to the health of its people, but to that of the region and the world. Solidarity is a basic principle of the Cuban Revolution, ”the Ministry of Foreign Relations published on its official Twitter account.


Proof of this is the case of the United Kingdom cruise ship that, with positive patients for COVID-19, was rejected in several countries and only the largest of the Antilles opened its border to dock in the port of Mariel and from the international airport José Martí, embark on a journey to your country today.

In this regard, Sacha Llorenti, Bolivian ambassador to the United Nations, expressed on the social network itself that “a British cruise ship has been looking for a port to disembark. It has people infected with coronavirus, and it has been rejected in several countries. Cuba, with its inexhaustible solidarity, has decided to receive it ”.

Throughout the years, governments and peoples that have benefited from Cuban medical collaboration have on different occasions expressed gratitude for this disinterested help, the main promoter of which was Commander in Chief Fidel Castro.

In this sense, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, quoted on Twitter a phrase from the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, who said: "In international relations we practice our solidarity with deeds, not with beautiful words."

“To be an internationalist is to pay off our own debt to humanity. Whoever is not capable of fighting for others will never be sufficiently capable of fighting for himself, ”said Fidel.

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The development of internationalism has been a principle that characterizes Cuban public health throughout its history, and it has been present as an indisputable pillar of the prestige achieved before the world.

Regarding Cuba's policy of solidarity, even though the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States constitutes a permanent obstacle, the American writer Alice Walker wrote on the social platform itself: “It is time to put an end to the blockade against the Cuban people. . Despite this genocidal and failed policy, Cuba opens its doors to safeguard life. Courtesy:
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