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At the close of yesterday (April 16, 2020), in the province of Camagüey it has 32 confirmed cases of COVID - 19 that are distributed in the municipalities of Camagüey (22), Florida (5), Nuevitas (2) , Esmeralda (2) and Vertientes (1) (See Map in attached images), which are kept in the hospital and have 24-hour medical attention.

185 people are admitted to the institutions designated for isolation, with a constant check-up to act on any symptoms of the disease, and their contacts are kept under epidemiological surveillance.

A total of 10 confirmed patients with COVID-19 were discharged from the province, after complying with the isolation measures and the control and surveillance system in the designated health institutions in the territory.

The incidence by municipalities of the 32 confirmed cases appears on the attached map.

The reported cases are maintained:

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